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Archive for July 2018

Reduce Your Email Inbox by 47% With This Tip

As they say curiosity killed the cat and email killed the employee. However, emails are one of the greatest conveniences ever created: we can send our coworkers to-do lists in an instant to make it look like we are busy, communicate with our customer’s overseas while in our pajamas, and tell the whole company what…

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What can Software Engineers Learn from a 3x Olympian?

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of spending time with a past coach, mentor, and 3x Olympian, Tore Gustafsson. From our conversation, I was inspired to write this article in the hope that other software engineers could benefit from this Olympic advice for improving productivity to superhuman levels. Tore recently came back from Rio where…

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Hiring Software Engineers – Use Github to filter candidates

Hiring Software Engineers in 2017 The ability to recruit quality software engineers takes both time and knowledge in order to find the right fit.  If you are fortunate enough to have the infrastructure capable to fund co op and internship programs with universities, then your task is a little less daunting.  For smaller companies, however,…

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