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Archive for February 2019

How to Determine How Selective You Should Be In Hiring

Ten great candidates which one do you choose?   One of the biggest struggles with companies right now is finding the right talent. Some industries have large talent pools to choose from but others have dry wells with only a handful of candidates. How many rounds of interviews should there be and how much resources…

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Biggest Mistake Manager’s Make During 1v1s with Millennials

Sweaty palms and restless nerves. That would probably be a better name for one on one meetings. Quite often, these meetings are known to create anxiety and be a rebuking ground for a lot of managerial-direct report relationships. However, all across the management field, managers are told that one on ones should be used to…

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5 Steps to Effective Negotiation

“I am sorry, we can’t match that.” Probably the toughest words you can hear when you first start out in negotiation. Whether it’s a job offer, and off the rack t-shirt price or a car, knowing how to properly negotiate can significantly help you and the other party involved. In this article, I have taken…

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When is college too expensive to go?

With college increasing 268% in the past 40 years and continues to climb, at some point college will be too expensive. Like many other Millennials, I decided to bite the bullet and go. After 5 years, I accumulated over $35,000 of debt and was ready to start my career as a software engineer. Fortunately, software…

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4 Things That Nonprofits Can Teach Businesses

Peter Drucker, the world-renown management author could have not said it any better in his book The Essential Drucker, “Volunteers have to get more satisfaction from their work than paid employees, precisely because they do not get a paycheck. They need above all, challenge. They need to know the organization’s mission and to believe in…

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An Inevitable Crisis – A Quality Police Force

When there is an elephant in the room one should address it. But what if the elephant is behind you and everyone else can see it?   Earlier this week I was working with the police force in an one day training session regarding millennials. After lunch, the highest ranking police officer, the police chief,…

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