9 Companies That Millennials Should Consider Working For [2019]

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If you are a Millennial, you should not feel guilty if you are thinking about different jobs to move your career and skill set forward. In today’s job market, according to Gallup research done in 2019, 51% of Millennials are actively looking for a different job.

However, while on the job hunt, it’s difficult to determine whether or not a prospective company is the right one to join. Having an enormous benefit package, salary, and bonus plan can seduce a candidate into joining, but in the long haul those rewards wear off. With this dilemma, the question arises, what should you be concerned about?

In this article, I will unpack what top corporate performers look for, and a short list of companies that I believe are worth pursuing. Note, this is my subjective opinion and you have every right to disagree with my conclusions.

When working in corporate, I have been in over 500 job interviews, and have interviewed quite a few Millennials for a podcast on uncovering their journeys on joining the most prestigious companies in the world. After conducting these interviews, I created a list of the top things that top candidates searched for in companies. Each playing a significant role in whether or not the candidate ended up accepting an offer. These top items were: brand recognition, upward mobility, industry outlook, and culture.

Why Brand Recognition?

As many gurus out there state, ‘experience triumphs all’, I partially agree with this, but I also think brand recognition is vitally important. Brand recognition is one of those key things that recruiters search for on resumes when deciding to move a candidate to the next step. In other words, having brand recognition is a great way to get your foot in the door. It doesn’t hurt to have it, but it hurts not to have it. The only asterisk with this attribute is if someone already has a large brand on their resume, they probably don’t need another because they have shown they can play in the big leagues.

Why Upward Mobility?

In another study by Gallup research in 2016, found that 93% of Millennials left companies where there was no upward mobility. Hence, when evaluating a company, make sure that there is an opportunity for you to grow in that position. I can’t tell you how many industries I talk to where they simply cannot scale and lose Millennials because of the lack of opportunities. For instance, in a car repair shop, you can’t move up unless someone leaves, or a new shop opens and needs the position you are looking for. Do this due diligence and you will save yourself months, if not years of headache.

Why industry outlook?

A fast way to burn up your career, is not by joining a failing company, but joining a failing industry. Being able to improve your value on the market includes learning valuable skills that are useful in your industry. However, if the industry is on a downward spiral, not only will you have a hard time switching jobs because few companies will be hiring, but also, your skills will be tailored towards that particular industry. Making sure the industry is doing well before joining.

Why culture?

If you don’t trust your boss, don’t worry you are not alone. A Harvard Business Review survey showed that 58% of employees trust strangers more than their boss. Having a great boss and culture at work can make or break your job satisfaction. For instance, if you find a great place to work, where you learn a lot, but you hate the people, each day will become a drag and inevitably you will want to leave. Even if your mom loves the company, still do your homework before you sign the offer letter.

With these four workplace attributes in place, I went online and researched some of the top companies that Millennials should consider working for. However, unlike other sources, I put a rating next to each attribute so readers can better understand where I am coming from.

Brand Recognition: (1-10)


Upward Mobility (1-10)


Industry Outlook (1-10) 


Culture (1-10) 



Company 1: Salesforce

Brand Recognition: 10/10Salesforce logo

Upward Mobility: 10/10, really pushing new jobs, promising 3.3 million jobs by 2023.

Industry Outlook: 10/10, the tech sector is experiencing major growth with new technologies such as Block Chain and optimized cloud computing.

Culture: 9/10, the only reason why I don’t give this a 10 is that they optimized culture so much it feels inauthentic to a degree. Almost like employees don’t work there and instead party all day.


Company 2: Hubspottop companies to work for

Brand Recognition: 6/10, Not very well known name across industries, but well known in the tech sector.

Upward Mobility: 10/10, many opportunities, they were the second fastest SMB SaaS to IPO.

Industry Outlook: 10/10, tech sector

Culture: 10/10, earned a 4.7/5 rating on Glassdoor with over 800 reviews.


Company 3: Capital OneImage result for capital one

Brand Recognition: 10/10

Upward Mobility: 7/10, as a more mature company, they have a more stagnate environment compared to small companies, but they have different rotational programs to help employees get more exposure.

Industry Outlook: 7/10, not a 10 because a recession is to be expected soon.

Culture: 8/10


Company 4: American Fidelity Assurance CompanyAmerican Fidelity Logo

Brand Recognition: 7/10

Upward Mobility: 9/10 offers employees many opportunities to improve their skill set including online training programs

Industry Outlook: 7/10

Culture: 10/10, considered one of the best companies to work for by Glassdoor.

Company 5: Moss and Associates

Brand Recognition: 6/10, larger player in their industry but not well known outside of it.

Upward Mobility: 9/10

Industry Outlook: 10/10 people continue to need real estate development help.

Culture: 10/10 scored well on Glassdoor, and their CEO is well respected in the company.


Company 6: Bain and Company

Brand Recognition: 10/10

Upward Mobility: 8/10

Industry Outlook: 10/10, as long as there are new companies, the management consulting industry will do well.

Culture: 10/10, ‘top company to work for’ on Glassdoor for multiple years.


Company 7: Burns and McDonnellImage result for burns & mcdonnell

Brand Recognition: 6/10

Upward Mobility: 7/10

Industry Outlook: 10/10, they are an engineering construction company. Both industries, engineering and construction have bright futures.

Culture: 8/10, won best places to work for in 2018, but there reviews are below a 4.0/5 on Glassdoor.


Company 8: Delta Airlines

Image result for delta airlines logoBrand Recognition: 10/10

Upward Mobility: 10/10, constantly focus on innovative ways to help employees grow in their careers.

Industry Outlook: 9/10, interesting things happening in this space including Amazon getting involved.

Culture: 10/10, great Glassdoor reviews and 82% of employees would recommend the company to a friend

Company 9: DeloitteImage result for deloitte

Brand Recognition: 9/10

Upward Mobility: 8/10, Deloitte let’s employees choose different projects to help their career path development.

Industry Outlook: 7/10, as long as new businesses are coming about, Deloitte will be needed.

Culture:  10/10, as a research institute not only do they research culture, but also practice what they preach.

Jeff Butler

Jeff Butler Internationally respected speaker and consultant, Jeff Butler helps bridge generational gaps between Millennials and companies looking for their talent and patronage. Butler has quickly built his reputation as a memorable presenter with tangible solutions for attracting, retaining, and engaging Millennials as employees and customers. Within just the past three years, he has spoken at two TEDx events and multiple Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Amazon, and LinkedIn.


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