August 13, 2019 Bobbles and Lace Training


Bobbles and Lace Training

August 13, 2019...Seminar on Authentic Selling - How to Leverage Authenticity to Sell to Any Generation

The seminar will cover actions that the managers can pass on to the people they manage who work on the floor. Some of the concepts will be: how to adjust language to accommodate different generations, reading body language, fourth wall rapport building, and emotional anchoring. These are all things that I use to sell to different generations, but also have seen other people use quite well when selling in person to different generations.

Link to the slides is here.


So what is Bobbles and Lace?

Co-owners Valerie White and Lindsay Rose Rando are deeply dedicated to the idea that high fashion doesn’t need to come at a high cost. This aunt and niece team shares a lifelong love affair with style and they have the resumes to prove it! Valerie is a visual merchandising extraordinaire and is the founder of Bobbles Jewelry in Marblehead, MA. Her fun and funky jewelry selections garnered a substantial following and her outdoor pushcart on Newbury Street in Boston was a familiar and popular site for many a summer.

Lindsay has worked as a model and a stylist, both locally and internationally; her work has graced the pages of many known magazines. While residing in Los Angeles, she operated her own mobile boutique that sold its merchandise on many college campuses. Upon returning to her Northshore roots, collaboration with her aunt was inevitable...thus Bobbles & Lace was born!

Currently, Bobbles and Lace has six locations – Marblehead, Newburyport, Boston, Andover, Portsmouth, NH, and Wellesley. Each item in our stores and online is hand-selected by a member of our team and new products are added daily, some come early and come often! With over eight years under our belt, the B&L girls have developed a reputation for being experts in the field of fashion. Whether you need a flirty cocktail dress, a sexy first date look, professional attire or some trendy threads to wear all season long, you can be confident that you will be in the best of hands.

So shop away! Let us adorn you in our "bobbles and lace.”