The world’s top corporations and conference planners trust Jeff Butler to provide subject matter expertise, entertaining storytelling and practical, actionable advice on how to optimize today’s multigenerational workforce.

Jeff Butler has contributed to dozens of business events around the world. You may have different requirements that we are unaware of, so please let us know if there is anything else we can provide to support your event planning process.


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Jeff travels from Dallas to deliver highly engaging speech about Millennials. Details about speaking fees are available upon request.


"Jeff spoke at our company and wow he is a very powerful speaker. He had us in a trace with excellent information to improve our lives with technology!"

Shary, Head of Education at Wells Fargo

"I brought Jeff in for a company wide event and he delivered excellent value in a very entertaining way. Unlike other speakers where they are entertaining and lack value, or very valuable back not entertaining. Can’t wait to start applying what we learned!"

Kendall, Head of HR at Fond

"High energy. Very engaging. Very enjoyable."

CIO at CIO Summit