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Millennial Generation Expert And Technology Speaker

Jeff Butler is a speaker, author and passionate millennial  who has been covered in various press releases and interviewed by national media houses.

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Jeff Butler, a speaker, author, and passionate millennial who helps organizations improve their relationships of millennial employees has been interviewed by some of the top media houses and publications. He shared his views on different platforms, including TEDx talks in 2016 and 2017. Few thoughts shared by Jeff..


Jeff Butler explains that people who step onto a stage are seen as authorities and leaders. "Speaking gets you that immediate credibility not only internally but also externally...

with Joseph Liu at Forbes  

Workforce retention expert Jeff Butler says that employers must shift their focus to include employee priorities. Gone are the days of a buyers’ market when it comes to talent...

with Gwen Moran at FastCompany  

Don’t listen to the people talking on social media about how to earn money, do what earns money. As a young business owner, still in my 20s, I would often find myself looking up to a lot of...

at USA Weekly    

Our biggest challenge at the moment is scaling effectively. We recently got our foot in the door at some pretty big-name companies and now it is a matter of how to effectively grow the company without damaging...

with Stephen Reynolds at Business Innovators  

BeTheTalk is a 7 day a week podcast where Nathan Eckel chats with talkers from TEDx & branded events. Tips tools and techniques that can help you give the talk to change the world at

with Nathan Eckel at BeTheTalk  

In today’s episode we’re talking all about Millennials, the unique qualities that come with that generational upbringing, and how it affects the way the function in the workplace...

at Real Estate Success Rocks  

Have someone coach you whose two or three years ahead of you. If you get the right coach it’s a huge acceleration to your career path...

at IdeaMensch  

UC Berkeley graduate, start-up advisor, and public speaker Jeff Butler joins Abhi on Think Realty Radio to share his knowledge of the millennial mindset, and how smart managers should cast...

with Abhi Golhar at Otto Radio  

Hey AMA-ers, my name is Jeff Butler. I have spoken on TEDx the past two years and I am by no means a celebrity of any sort. I am a consultant who helps companies with their millennial workforce which is where...

at Ask Me Anything  

Special Mentions

Jeff’s experience working alongside Silicon Valley start-ups and fortune 500 companies has helped thousands of professionals across the United States with hiring and retaining millennial employees. Raised in California...

with Joseph Liu at CBT News  

I give keynotes around the country, and the tech crowd is very open to change. I think with products being updated all the time, there’s this iterative process that...

with Tim Toterhi at Capterra  

But when I started my second company, I decided to focus our hiring on people who could connect both over the phone and email, based on particular...

at Nutshell  

“The life events, and the lens of which the candidate expresses them, dictates what the candidate values,” says Butler. “For instance, ‘I published paper that was featured in Forbes...

with Kurt Birkenhagen at Conference Calling  

One of the biggest challenges when searching for cloud computing jobs is the standing out amid the sheer volume of applications for each role, with many of them...

with Nicole Henderson at ITProToday  

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"I was really moved by Jeff’s talk. He spoke from the heart and really cares about the audience. So glad we got Jeff for our event!"

Karyl, TEDx Organizer

"Jeff spoke to my team at Mulesoft and gave a very entertaining talk on technology. Definitely recommend for your company event!"

Brian, Sales At Mulesoft

"Jeff’s talk…it was awesome! Hire him!"

Tina, HOBY