About Jeff

Workplace Generation Expert And Technology Speaker

Jeff Butler is a speaker, author and workplace strategist who helps organizations create workplaces where employees thrive.


Jeff Butler is the author of two provocative books - The Authentic Workplace and The Key To The New You and CEO of JButler International. Having written over 100 articles on workplace dynamics, his insights have been featured in dozens of media outlets such as Forbes and HR News. In addition, he has appeared on TEDx in both 2016 and 2017 with both talks focusing on psychology. Before Jeff founded his workplace consulting company, he spent almost a decade in Silicon Valley working as a Software Engineer which is where his initial interest in organization psychology began to develop. Since then, he has personally addressed over 100 organizations internationally on workplace dynamics issues such as Google, Amazon, LinkedIn, and Wells Fargo. He lives in Boston, MA with his family.

Fast Facts:
  • Featured in over 50 media outlets.
  • Founded 3 profitable companies by 27.
  • Published 2 Books.
Fun Facts:
  • Trained for the 2012 Olympics under 3x Olympian Tore Gustafsson
  • 15 lbs from breaking a World Record in Pull Ups
  • Related to Meriwether Lewis, also known as The Lewis, in Lewis & Clark
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Author of the Books


The Authentic Workplace

Whether it's branding, marketing, sales, leadership, managing, or recruiting, every aspect of the modern workplace is shifting. Companies are now expected to interact with customers through the digital world. But where is this all headed? 

The Key to the new you

Can you survive high school to get to your dream college? Will you be able to handle the new international competition, social media, cliques, SATs, ACTs, maintaining a ‘good enough’ GPA all while finding a date to prom?