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About Jeff

Millennial Generation Expert And Technology Speaker

Jeff Butler is a speaker, author and passionate millennial  who helps organizations improve their retention of millennial employees.


In the 1990s, Jeff grew up in a Silicon Valley household where both of his parents built and sold software companies. After graduating from the UC Berkeley with a degree in Computer Science he spent his time working in some of Silicon Valley's fastest charging startups. Soon after he realized that he wanted to follow his parents footsteps and started his journey down the road of entrepreneurship.

By the age of 27 Jeff had written two books, founded three companies, given two TED talks, and managed to get zero speeding tickets but countless parking tickets. Including two towing incidents.

With a fascination in the field of psychology, Jeff focuses his efforts on how to bridge differences in the workplace so people work in an environment they are excited about. He has addressed companies like Google, Amazon, LinkedIn, and  lot of others, but listing them out can get pretty boring pretty fast.

Author of the Books


The Authentic Workplace

Whether it's branding, marketing, sales, leadership, managing, or recruiting, every aspect of the modern workplace is shifting. Companies are now expected to interact with customers through the digital world. But where is this all headed? 

The Key to the new you

Can you survive high school to get to your dream college? Will you be able to handle the new international competition, social media, cliques, SATs, ACTs, maintaining a ‘good enough’ GPA all while finding a date to prom?

Career Background:
  • Worked in 5 Silicon Valley startups & Fortune 500 companies
  • Decade of psychology research
  • Founded 3 Startups By 27
  • Published 2 Books
Fun Facts:
  • Trained for the 2012 Olympics under 3x Olympian Tore Gustafsson
  • 15 lbs from breaking a World Record in Pull Ups
  • Related to Meriwether Lewis, also known as The Lewis, in Lewis & Clark
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