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The world’s top corporations and conference planners trust Jeff Butler to provide subject matter expertise, entertaining storytelling and practical, actionable advice on how to optimize today’s multigenerational workforce.


Discovering Generation


Systematize Your Sales

Discovering Generation Insights

Online Programs and Webinars

Whether its selling, engaging, recruiting or even managing Millennials - solve your generational challenge and create a long-term advantage. Jeff as a Millennial delivers cutting-edge generation training to your entire team or company. Jeff's interactive courses and webinars deliver his insight insight and practical how-to on a global scale. Driving learning throughout an organization and creating measurable, repeatable outcomes. Webinars are great for reinforcing Jeff's presentation or a one-time learning event.

We deliver:

  • Selling & Marketing to Millennials and across generations
  • Managing Millennials and along with Multigenerational Management
  • Preparing Millennials for leadership positions

Growing Your Remote Team

Research states that 40% of the United States currently works remotely at least one day a week and by 2020 it will be over 50%. Learning how to manage, engage and recruit for remote positions is critical for your company's growth. In this training, you will learn from Jeff's research as well as several 100% remote companies that he has built. Practical things such as hiring contractors to building a healthy remote culture.

We will help you:

  • Build systems to keep remote employees on tract and delivering
  • Provide valuable insight on how to create healthy and high retention remote culture
  • Effectively screen and onboard remote talent

Systematize Your Sales teams

Get More From Less

Anyone can find a great sales person, but a sales person won't make a great sales team. In any organization for effective selling, systems and procedures need to be put in place. With strong systems in place, the weakest performances can be impactful and your highest performances won't be doing the busy work. Jeff has gathered growth hacking techniques from Silicon Valley top marketing experts in order to produce results in his own company as well as helping dozens of companies across various industries.

As your sales partner we will:

  • Run a System of Procedures so you can identify what can be outsourced.
  • Identify Pipeline weak points that can be systematized
  • Deliver 24/7 results by leveraging remote sales teams to do the busy work.


"Jeff spoke at our company and wow he is a very powerful speaker. He had us in a trace with excellent information to improve our lives with technology!"

Shary, Head of Education at Wells Fargo

"I brought Jeff in for a company wide event and he delivered excellent value in a very entertaining way. Unlike other speakers where they are entertaining and lack value, or very valuable back not entertaining. Can’t wait to start applying what we learned!"

Kendall, Head of HR at Fond

"High energy. Very engaging. Very enjoyable."

CIO at CIO Summit