Effective Methods of Promoting Your Print on Demand Products

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Ecommerce is a great way to make money on the internet if you are willing to learn and work hard. According to Invesp, in 2018, on average, Americans have spent about 1800 dollars shopping online every year, whereas the British have spent about 1630 dollars.

Online stores are steadily rising and more people are looking to start an ecommerce project themselves. 

The first thing you want is an idea for a product. Printify can help you with the problem here as it is a Print on Demand & Drop Shipping Platform | 250+ Products. Finding an idea for your store on Printify’s website should not be a problem.

Once you decide on the product and have a website up and running, it is time for marketing. Your sales will only be as effective as the marketing campaign. Keep in mind that it will take time to make adjustments until you find a successful formula. 

With all that said, the first thing you want is to properly assess all the available methods and figure out which of these methods bring the best results. And nothing works better than hand-on experience.


Method #1 – Proper Targeted Audience Research

Can you imagine selling t-shirts or hoodies with video game characters to seniors or single moms who likely never play video games? Of course not.

Customers should always be a priority and extensive market research helps to build a sustainable business. Spending resources to target random people instead of those who would convert into customers is a wrong course of action.

Take your time to do a proper data analysis and focus on targeting the right audience. Starting early and gaining experience with it will help a lot when you are introducing new products and designs as well.


Method #2 – Creating a Blog

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It may seem like a blog has no reason to be on an ecommerce website. But when you look at all the advantages it provides, the thoughts about a blog being useless disappear. Also, posting regular blog content is fairly simple. But what about those advantages?

  • Improvements to SEO. Fresh and well-written content is always appreciated by search engines. Optimize your articles by including relevant keywords and your standings on Google and other search engines will rise, bringing more organic traffic.
  • Establishing authority. Blog articles help to establish authority. When visitors see that there is more content on the website and that content is valuable, they will trust you more than other stores in the market.


Method #3 – Social Media Marketing

Social media for business is inevitable. According to Emarsys, there were more than 3.5 billion users on social media platforms in 2019.

Post regular content and look for timeframes with the most engagement. Make use of tools like Hootsuite to automate the posts.

Organize contests and giveaways. Likes, comments, and shares are enough for an entry free. And even if someone does not really need what you are giving away, they are still likely to enter because who does not want free stuff?

Finally, you have influencers who have thousands of followers and can help your brand with a simple shoutout or posting a picture wearing your product.


Method #4 – Leveraging Local Communities

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Sometimes, you can find ideas in your local communities rather than looking for global domination. Think about whether there are some important things happening in your town or neighborhood. Perhaps there is a cause that could use some support from people wearing t-shirts? Or maybe there is a trend among teenagers? 


Method #5 – Email Marketing

Collecting an email list from the very start should be one of your priorities. Email marketing comes in handy when you are struggling and are looking for new sources of traffic.

Send out offers to people who have subscribed. Even if these subscribers have not visited your site in a long time, they will be more inclined to return if you provide them with a hook, such as an exclusive deal or a membership for free deliveries for a month.


Method #6 – Pay-Per-Click Advertisement

PPC marketing is when an advertiser pays for every click that people click on. The technique can be a bit tricky because visitors who do not spend money on the website will cost you money. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize a pay-per-click campaign in a way that you come out on top. 


Method #7 – Offering Discounts and Rewarding Most Loyal Customers

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Everyone loves a discount, and you see plenty of stores offering sales with the intent to sell more products.

Your most loyal customers should also be up there with the most important aspects as they are one of the driving forces behind all the success. Show your appreciation by gifting them some freebies as well.

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