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We are a small but strong remote company that is in the events industry.


Tricia Banes

Head of People
generation keynote speaker

Jeff Butler


Greg Navarro

Head of Outreach

What We Do

Behind the scenes at every conference, there is a whole operation on finding great entertaining speakers. Event planners, the individuals who plan the events, spend many months searching for speakers. Our team reaches out to event planners and help them book great speakers for their events. That means we are the ones to start building the relationships before anyone gets on stage. In our role, we work with industry celebrities, thought leaders and influencers spread their message with the world.

Relationship Building
Research and Marketing

Job Description

Outbound Marketing

You will be emailing and calling prospective clients preferably through the times of 10am-2pm EST. Your goal is to build an initial relationship. The expectation is 50 calls/day. We will provide you with unlimited leads, training and support to get you off the ground and running.


Job Compensation

$400 USD/month base  + commission.

The commission is 5% of the closed business. A typical deal can range from $5,000 to $25,000 USD. Our team Account Managers can close anywhere between 1-4 a month. 


Dynamic Education

You will receive paid for training and education in order to ensure you have the resources needed to succeed. As you prove yourself, your hours will increase and you will be offered new growth and leadership opportunities. After 90 days, if the candidate performs to the level of expectation, they will be promoted to full time if desired by the candidate along with a compensation increase.

Our goal is to help some of the most cutting edge thoughts leaders in the world, while making a great company while doing so.

- Jeff Butler. CEO, JButler International

Building Relationships
Doing Research
Reaching Out To New Clients

What Your Day Looks Like Working Here

Our team is based all around the world so whatever time you are up, there is usually someone online ready to help. This position's daily activities can range, but they usually follow the same pattern. Doing research on prospective events, reaching to those events, and cultivating those relationships. At the end of the day, you will be in a position to help build long lasting relationships with people in the event industry.

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