Generation Consulting & Training Services


Jeff Butler offers different levels of consulting services along with mentoring and advisory programs to meet your needs both short and long term

Summary - Jeff Butler Consulting & Training Services

Retention Assessment
Mentor Structuring
Preparing Millennial Leaders
Multigenerational Management
Managing Millennials
Aligning Generational Expectations

Consulting Packages


Standard Consulting Package

For Business Owners or Corporations


  • Guidance and Personal consultation
  • Twice a month
  • Sixty to ninety-minute consultation meetings
  • Can include meetings with managers, team meetings, advising on technology, hands-on training and more
  • 30-minute personal consultation with Jeff Butler
  • Documents reviewed by consultant for advice


Custom Consulting Package

For Committed individual or Organization that is determined to see significant change


All Silver Package feature, plus

  • Establish solid ground work for your organization
  • More involved planning and consultation
  • Four consultation meetings in a month
  • One managed event or team workshop per quarter
  • More hands on generation cohesion and retention services


Maintenance Package

Only for clients who have completed Silver/Gold programs


All Gold Package feature, plus

  • Includes ongoing strategic advisory, retention development and support services
  • Once a month check-in meeting to review organizations data offer insights and feedback 
  • Be top of mind and bring solutions on an ongoing consistent basis

Jeff Butler offers different levels of consulting services along with mentoring and advisory programs to meet your needs both short and long term.

Our consulting is based on offering new ideas and encouraging creative initiatives from strategy through implementation, from company formation to updating an existing business. Our engagements can be short term based on your needs, however we prefer and typically suggest longer term engagements. We then work together to make sure we accomplish goals and continue the business growth and relationship.

This process involves providing focused feedback with a plan of action to achieve ultimate success. As a collaborative partner, we offer impartial advice, guide, and transfer our skills to the client.

We establish clear client goals and work against specific objectives with outcomes and timing, contributing to client success. Our engagements are a minimum of six months, with all our activities designed to increase cash flow, secure the existing client base, and achieve higher profits and/or sales.


"Jeff spoke at our company and wow he is a very powerful speaker. He had us in a trace with excellent information to improve our lives with technology!"

Shary, Head of Education at Wells Fargo

"I brought Jeff in for a company wide event and he delivered excellent value in a very entertaining way. Unlike other speakers where they are entertaining and lack value, or very valuable back not entertaining. Can’t wait to start applying what we learned!"

Kendall, Head of HR at Fond

"High energy. Very engaging. Very enjoyable."

CIO at CIO Summit