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Archive for December 2018

Attract More Talent by Leveraging Videos In Job Ads

I am not completely sure why companies are not leveraging this technique more. In my software engineering days, I received about a dozen emails a week from recruiters and very rarely would firms ever leverage videos in their job ads or emails. Often, I would find their emails faceless and uninteresting like a paste fill-in…

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How to 12x the Number of Applicants for a Job Posting

Begrudgingly, I decided to join a friend who was going to a conference in downtown Oakland, California. At the time, I lived in Berkeley, just five miles north of the conference. My friend had an extra ticket and thought it would beneficial for me to attend Hustle Con– an event where the top entrepreneurs around the…

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Why You Feel Guilty When Receiving Gifts

When the holiday season comes around everyone loves to surprise each other with giving gifts, however, receiving gifts is a completely different story. For some strange reason, receiving gifts has a tendency to manifest guilt, also known as ‘Gift Guilt’. Why is this is the case? It does not make any sense from a logical…

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How Millennial Technology is Changing The Holidays

The Holidays are here, time to decorate, cook for relatives, and try to survive the holidays without too much drama. While the holiday season has its spiritual glow they have changed dramatically in how we prepare for it. Whether it’s buying presents, keeping in touch with loved ones, or searching for travel plans, Millennial technology…

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How To Avoid Dying in Boring Meetings

Before you know it everyone is staring at their phones. The person presenting pretends not to notice that no one is paying attention. Give it another five minutes and the manager in the room pulls out their phone and starts looking for updates.   Meetings can be some of the most boring events to ever…

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3 Types of Mentoring Relationships that Improve Retention

“Will you be my mentor?”   Mentoring is one the top things to accelerates an employee’s career development. And yet, they are scarcely used, extremely difficult to set up and even harder to find a good fit. Whether you are a Millennial, Gen Xer, Baby Boomer or a Generation neutral person, mentoring has always been…

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7 Ways to Better Manage Remote Employees

Some may say it’s coming, others would say it’s already here.   The US tech industry in 2015 had roughly 300,000 full-time employees in computer science jobs working from home. Along with tech moving in this direction, 83% of employees feel they do not need an office to be productive. On the other hand, many…

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4 Ways To Make A Millennial Employee Stay An Extra 6 months

They are nearly impossible to keep around- about a third of Millennials today switch jobs every thirteen months. Interesting enough though, in the same study, Pew Research found that Millennials have just as high turnover rate as their previous Gen Xers. However, unlike the Gen Xers working environment, quite a few new tips and tricks…

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A Question That Every Manager Should Ask

  I remember like it was yesterday.   In a small park in northern San Francisco, my boss and I walked around a park for our one on one meeting. As our first one on one meeting, I had no idea what to expect. The conversation started as a typically meeting would. What his expectations…

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The Biggest Mistake that Managers Make with 1v1 Meetings

Today is the big day, you sit across from your manager and brace yourself. As they sit down across from you, your sweaty palms clench your wrinkled pant legs. Hopefully, they didn’t notice the error in your AB Report, or that you were five minutes late to the Monday stand up meeting. Will they throw…

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