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Human Resources

10 Key KPIs For Optimal Employee Engagement

employee engagement kpis

“What gets measured, gets managed” – Peter Drucker Unfortunately, employee engagement plagues workplaces today. According to Gallup Research only 31 percent of employees that are actively engaged in the workplace. Typically, employers attempt to youthanize (yes I just made that up, but it is in Urban Dictionary) adding bean bags, foosball tables, and a host…

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Where Does Workplace Entitled Behavior Come From?

where does entitlement come from?

Dealing with an entitled coworker is one of the most difficult things that an employee will face. Chances are they don’t do as much work as you and they expect the same if not more benefits. Usually this creates office conflict on the level of the international known television show The Office would have. Unfortunately,…

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3 Ways to Refresh Stagnate Cultures

stagnate culture

A stagnate culture is a stuffy and stifling workplace environments where people are afraid to take risks. According to the international workplace research that Google did commonly referred to as Project Aristotle, the organizational psychologists found that psychological safety as one of the most important elements to high performing teams. Unfortunately, stagnate risk averse workplaces…

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9 Companies That Millennials Should Consider Working For [2019]

companies to work for

If you are a Millennial, you should not feel guilty if you are thinking about different jobs to move your career and skill set forward. In today’s job market, according to Gallup research done in 2019, 51% of Millennials are actively looking for a different job. However, while on the job hunt, it’s difficult to…

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