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5 Tips on Managing Age Diverse Software Teams

managing software engineering teams

Who would have known it would have come to this… Several years ago, when I worked in corporate as a software engineer, I spent most of my time in a high rise building in San Francisco. It was tier 2 Silicon Valley startup, free food, flexible hours, game room, but you probably never of heard…

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6 Tips to Manage Employees Better in Unionized Environments

manage unionized environment

There are countless if not thousands of articles written on the dynamics of management. Everything from Bottom Up Management, One Minute Management to Six Sigma Management. In fact, you can say there are just as many management flavors as there are ice cream flavors at Basket Robbins. However, most management forms are written for white-collar…

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5 Signs That You Are Way Overqualified For Your Current Job

over qualified employee

What is worse than working a job you hate? Maybe it’s working for a job you are overqualified? But what’s even worse than that? Answer: When you know you have the skills to earn more.  Unfortunately, overqualified employees happen more frequently than most people know. Turns out nearly half of people are overqualified for their…

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How Can Companies Avoid Workplace Gossip?

stop gossiping

Personally, I have been burned emotionally to a crisp from workplace gossip.  All that you need to know that is there was some information that was spread about me in the workplace a few ago which consisted of something outside the job. No one asked me personally what was going on. But the lack of…

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How Do You Get Millennials to Respect Baby Boomers?

I admit I was one of them.  At my first job at Lithium Technologies (they provide software solutions not batteries in case you were wondering), I had the privilege of working as a software engineer at a ‘fast charging startup’ in San Francisco. Young, motivated and green, I had the ultimate goal of becoming the…

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How Do You Get Baby Boomers to Adopt New Technology?

baby boomer technology

Can’t change, won’t change, should change. Getting anyone to adopt something new is a challenge and adopting new technology is an even bigger obstacle. Having a Baby Boomer adopt new technology hits pretty close to home. By close I mean a Traditionalist, my grandfather. For the first time in my life I have been spending…

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Is a Multi-generational Workforce Really a Competitive Advantage?

multigenerational workplace

To cut to the chase, the answer is: yes and no.  By itself, a multi-generational workforce won’t make a company better. These types of workforces fall under the umbrella of diversity workplaces. Today, diversity is the talk of the media. New buzzwords such as ‘Chief Diversity Officers’ and ‘Inclusion Programs’ are becoming the norm in…

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5 Ways to Better Manage “Know-It-All” Employees

know-it-all employee

They respond: “Yep, I already knew that!” and you think “so why are you still do it wrong?” Sound familiar? At some point, you will run into an employee who thinks they know just about everything. As a manager, this can single-handedly be the most difficult employee to manage. If you point out a flaw…

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How to get Millennials to have a sense of ownership in their projects?

millennial ownership

Millennials now consisting of over half of the workplace and bringing new possibilities but also challenges to the workplace. Quite a few managers have complained that younger employees usually lack motivation and drive. For instance, in the infamous Time magazine article Millennials – The Me Me Me Generation “And they are lazy. In 1992, the…

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9 Major Challenges in Working in a Multi-Generational Workplace

multigenerational workplace

For the first time in history, we now have five generations in the workplace. Ranging from Traditionalists, those born during World War II, to Generation Z who are just becoming old enough to work in the United States. With such a large age range in the workplace, organizations are essentially taking 60 years of values,…

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