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9 Major Challenges in Working in a Multi-Generational Workplace

multigenerational workplace

For the first time in history, we now have five generations in the workplace. Ranging from Traditionalists, those born during World War II, to Generation Z who are just becoming old enough to work in the United States. With such a large age range in the workplace, organizations are essentially taking 60 years of values,…

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10 Key KPIs For Optimal Employee Engagement

employee engagement kpis

“What gets measured, gets managed” – Peter Drucker Unfortunately, employee engagement plagues workplaces today. According to Gallup Research only 31 percent of employees that are actively engaged in the workplace. Typically, employers attempt to youthanize (yes I just made that up, but it is in Urban Dictionary) adding bean bags, foosball tables, and a host…

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Where Does Workplace Entitled Behavior Come From?

where does entitlement come from?

Dealing with an entitled coworker is one of the most difficult things that an employee will face. Chances are they don’t do as much work as you and they expect the same if not more benefits. Usually this creates office conflict on the level of the international known television show The Office would have. Unfortunately,…

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How to Effectively Deal with a Toxic Employee?

toxic employees

Whether it’s the top performer on a team, or a small contributor, regards who the team member is, being able to deal with toxic employees is imperative to maintaining a healthy workplace culture. If you neglect a toxic employee, their attitude will change the rest of the team and decrease engagement. Worst case scenario, employees…

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How To Persuade Your Boss to Act On Your Ideas

pitching an idea

Let’s face it, sometimes the people in charge don’t always have the best ideas. There are many times in someone’s career where they will get a great idea, but know one else in the office would either take it seriously, or act on it. This leaves many employees feeling defeated and inevitably giving up in…

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5 Ways To Better Engage Millennial Employees

millennial engagement

According to Gallup research only a third of employees are engaged in the workplace which means employees, low productivity and high turnover. As a consequence, companies spend thousands of dollars searching for qualified candidates to only find out that the employees they hired a year ago, just left. While turnover can be across all different…

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6 Signs That You Have An Entitled Employee on Your Hands

entitled employee

  “I want to be promoted to VP even though I have been here few months.” Dealing with entitled employees is a common problem in the workplace today. With only 30% of the workforce engaged at work, you will continuously face different variations of entitlement coming from different age groups. Whether you have new Millennial…

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