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What Millennials Really Think of Open Floor Plans?

open floor plan

Hate or love them, the open floor plan always makes a polarizing topic. On one hand, people argue that open floor plans allows better communication and make the internal culture appear more transparent. On the other, experts argue that these progressive approaches to the workplace can destroy productivity. As an introvert, I have mixed feelings…

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5 Ways That Technology Is Changing Millennial Mental Health

millennial mental health

While many of us stand in line for hours for the newest IPhone dreaming about how much better it will make our lives, much less is talked about how this revolutionary technology is changing the way we think. Edward Jenner in his book Why Things Bite Back highlights on with newer technology there is usually…

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How to get Millennials to have a sense of ownership in their projects?

millennial ownership

Millennials now consisting of over half of the workplace and bringing new possibilities but also challenges to the workplace. Quite a few managers have complained that younger employees usually lack motivation and drive. For instance, in the infamous Time magazine article Millennials – The Me Me Me Generation “And they are lazy. In 1992, the…

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10 Things That Newspapers Should Do To Attract Younger Readers

attracting younger readers

  1. Switch to Digital from Print Media In 2013, the Paper of Montgomery County in Crawford Indiana made a deliberate decision to change their revenue ratios. According to Median Insights, 94% of Millennials have a Smartphone and 74% get their news from online news sources. At the time the newspaper was bringing in 75%…

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5 Ways That Newspapers Can Better Engage Millennial Readers

engaging Millennials with newspapers

Turns out Millennials are not wrapped in a bed of narcissism and self absorption to not care for the news. According to the American Institute Press 69% of Millennials get their news once a day. However, with this stat at hand, why do news outlets still struggle to engage the Millennial audience? How do newspaper…

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What Does the Media (Fox, CNN, CNBC) Say About Your Generation?

generation stereotypes

Generation stereotypes have existed for thousands of years, going so far back as Socrates (455-399BC) to have said, “The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise. Children are now tyrants, not the servants of their households. They no longer…

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What is the Seinfeld of the Millennial Generation?

seinfeld Millennials

‘Seinfeld’, is a show that just about everyone loves, or better yet, no one absolutely hates including Millennials. From the genius writing of Jerome Allen Seinfield, which he refers to the show as “basically about nothing”, rose to one of the biggest shows in television history. In fact, their season finale viewership is on par…

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