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Archive for January 2019

Take a Selfie, Science links to Happiness

Personally I do not like selfies, however, I came across some interesting research that changed the way that I viewed selfies and could possible change your perspective as well.   I was reading Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Gilbert which describes the science of how well can the human brain imagine its own future and…

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Should Companies Give Up On the Quest for Rockstar Talent?

“I just hire some smart people and get out of the way” – IDEO, chairman and founder.   You have probably heard of this quote numerous times from Silicon Valley companies that believe as long as you hire smart people, get out of their way, and get a few ping pong tables, the company will…

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The “Leader’s Make A Big Difference” Half-Truth

When reading the book, Hard Facts, Dangerous Half-Truths and Total Nonsense, I came across a chapter that initially found appalling. The chapter was titled, Are Great Leaders In Control of their Companies? In that chapter, the authors showed that the influence of a great leader is a lot smaller than the get credit for. In…

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Fake It Until You Make It – Millennial Leadership

To many people’s surprise, the historian David McCullough in his book 1776, described how when George Washington never led an army into battle when he took control of the Continental Army in 1775. Not only that, but the first president made terrible decisions that led to thousands of soldiers being slain during 1776. However, over…

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Is Extreme Ownership Leadership B.S.?

In a post earlier this month, I touched upon Extreme Ownership and its applicability to the workplace. If you are not familiar with Extreme Ownership, EO is a type of leadership style coined by Jocko Willink and Leif Basi, both former Navy SEALS, that involve taking ownership in everything relating to a team: weather, performance,…

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Using Motivation 3.0 to Motivate Millennials [Mastery]

Earlier this week, I wrote a post, here, discussing the first part of Motivation 3.0. In that post, I covered what Motivation 3.0 is, (creating a workplace environment to foster intrinsic motivation), the three pillars of Motivation 3.0, and a deep dive into autonomy. Covering those parts, I would like to discuss the second pillar-…

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